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Microfibre Cloth

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Microfibre cloths have become an indispensable tool in car body repair and detailing due to their unique properties. Use it with our range of Polish.

After paint correction or when applying polishes and waxes, microfibre cloths are used to buff the surface. Their soft texture ensures a high-gloss finish without introducing swirl marks or scratches.  Whether it's a quick detailer, wax, sealant, or any other product, microfibre cloths can be used to spread the product evenly and then buff off any excess, ensuring a streak-free finish.

The effectiveness of microfibre cloths comes from their structure. The fibers are split into multiple smaller fibers, increasing the surface area and allowing them to pick up more contaminants. When using microfibre cloths, it's essential to keep them clean and free from debris to prevent scratching the surface. After use, they should be washed separately from other laundry to maintain their effectiveness.