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Grey Scotch Ultra Fine Grey Pad

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Single Grey Ultra Fine Pad

Grey pads come in various grits and are designed for surface preparation and finishing, typically used for:

  1. Scuffing and Matting: These pads are often used to scuff or matte surfaces before applying a new coat of paint or finish. This helps the new coat adhere better to the surface.

  2. Blending: They can be used to blend areas that have been repaired or where there's a transition between old and new finishes.

  3. Finishing: After a surface has been painted or coated, the grey Mirlon pads can be used to give it a final, ultra-smooth finish.

  4. Cleaning: The pads can be used to clean surfaces, especially to remove oxidation or light rust from metals.

  5. Preparation: Before applying a finish or paint, the pads can be used to prepare the surface, ensuring it's smooth and free of imperfections.

  6. Intermediate Sanding: In woodworking or automotive refinishing, the pads can be used between coats of paint or finish to ensure a smooth base for the next layer.

The non-woven structure of the grey pads makes them flexible, which allows them to conform to the shape of the surface being worked on. This makes them particularly useful for complex shapes and contours.