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Easy Sand Body Filler

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Fine Polyester Filler

Fill your scratch with the Bodysoft from HB Body, a leading innovator in automobile repair solutions. Designed specifically to enhance car scratch repair and bumper paint repair processes, this 2K polyester filler proves to be an invaluable addition to any auto repair toolkit.

Perfectly suited for metallic, wooden, and polyester surfaces, Bodysoft offers impressive versatility. It features fine particle composition that ensures superior filling properties, making it the go-to solution for repairing a car scratch with professional precision.

Unlike conventional fillers, Bodysoft doesn't just cover up imperfections – it seamlessly fills them, delivering an immaculate, pinhole-free finish every time. It adheres flawlessly to the surface, diminishing the appearance of scratches and bringing back the original sheen of your car.

One of the standout features of Bodysoft is its quick-drying ability, ensuring a swift repair process, minimizing the downtime for your vehicle. Once applied, the filler can be easily sanded with P80 - P120 grit paper, further streamlining the car scratch filler application process and ensuring a flawless, smooth finish.

Whether you're looking to take on car scratch repair or bumper paint repair, Bodysoft by HB Body delivers exceptional results. This innovative product offers a swift and effective solution to restore your car to its former glory, helping you maintain the value and aesthetics of your vehicle with ease. Say goodbye to noticeable scratches and welcome a rejuvenated, sleek appearance with Bodysoft.