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Custom Colour Matched Aerosol

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Looking for paint for your car?

Say goodbye to unsightly car scratches with our Custom Colour Matched Paint Aerosol Kit. This kit is designed to provide you with an exact match for your car's paint, ensuring a seamless blend that makes scratches disappear.

Our process is simple and precise. All you need to do is enter your vehicle registration. With this information, we can accurately determine your car's specific colour code. Our team of experts then meticulously mix the paint to match this code perfectly.

The paint is packaged into a user-friendly aerosol can, allowing you to easily apply it to the affected area. Our high-quality paint provides excellent coverage and adheres well to the surface, ensuring a smooth and even finish.But we don't stop there. To ensure your car doesn't just look good, our paint has an added binder to make sure your paint dries with a glossy shine!


If your paint colour is a three stage paint, we'll only charge you the once, even then we'll still provice you with a can of aerosol. All for the same price, crazy, we know.  Once the second coat of paint has dried, apply the lacquer to give your car that fresh-from-the-showroom shine and to protect the newly painted area from the elements. Check out our post on What is 3-Stage Paint.

The Custom Colour Matched Paint Aerosol is a cost-effective solution to maintaining your car's aesthetic appeal and value. It's a must-have for any car owner who takes pride in their vehicle's appearance.

  • Custom Colour Matching: We use your vehicle registration to find the exact colour code of your car, ensuring a perfect match.
  • High-Quality Paint: Our paint provides excellent coverage and adherence, ensuring a smooth and even finish.
  • Easy Application: The paint is packaged in an aerosol can for easy application.
  • Cost-Effective: Maintain your car's aesthetic appeal and value without the high cost of professional repair services.