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Plastic Filler

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Suitable for repairing plastic panels and bumpers.

2K essentially means 2 components, in this instance the filler and the hardener, Elastic Polyester Filler is the solution for your bumper scratch repairs. A powerful product that binds exceptionally well to plastic bumpers, with the only exception being PE (Polyethylene).

Applying it is a breeze. All you need to do is wipe your bumper with a non-woven pad, then degrease. Its impressive sandability means you can effortlessly smooth the filler with P120 - P180 grit paper to achieve a flawless, pinhole-free finish.

What sets our filler apart is that it won't clog up your sandpaper, making your repair work smoother and more efficient. Additionally, the high elasticity of this product ensures superior mechanical resistance, giving your bumper a resilient, long-lasting repair. This is the simple, efficient solution to maintaining your vehicle's look and longevity.

One of the standout features of our 2K Elastic Polyester Filler is its unique flexibility, making it an ideal choice for "Bumper Repair". Bumpers, being at the front and rear of vehicles, face the brunt of minor impacts and are subject to regular bending and flexing. This constant movement demands a repair solution that can move with the material, rather than against it.

Our filler meets this need perfectly. Its high elasticity allows it to flex in harmony with the plastic, ensuring the repairs withstand the test of time. Unlike other fillers that might crack under pressure, ours bends with the bumper, maintaining its integrity even in high-stress situations. This feature protects your bumper from further damage and reduces the need for repeated repairs, making it a smart, cost-effective solution for your vehicle's upkeep. With our 2K Elastic Polyester Filler, you not only repair but also reinforce your bumper for the long haul.