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Fibre Glass Filler

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Bodyfibre is the ultimate solution for all your car scratch repairs and bumper repairs, crafted with precision by HB Body. As a 2K fiberglass polyester filler, it's the ideal product for bridging and filling in cavities, ensuring you can maintain the immaculate aesthetic of your beloved vehicle.

Whether you're dealing with a minor car scratch or more extensive damage, Bodyfibre effortlessly handles all types of surface repairs, making it a must-have addition to your car care collection. It's even suitable for filling over corroded surfaces, expanding its usefulness beyond standard scratch and dent repair.

Bodyfibre is designed with user convenience in mind. It's easy to apply, offering an effective, mess-free solution to common car body problems. Furthermore, its quick-drying formula means you don't have to wait around to get your car back on the road.

Post-application, Bodyfibre sands smoothly with P80 - P120 grit paper, allowing you to seamlessly blend repairs with the surrounding area. The result is a high-resistant, elastic surface that not only looks as good as new but also stands up to the rigours of daily use.

With Bodyfibre, car scratch and bumper repair is no longer a stressful task but a simple, efficient process. Get your car looking its best and ready for the journey ahead with Bodyfibre by HB Body.

Fibre glass body filler is essentially a polyester resin that contains small strands of fiberglass, which gives it a distinct set of properties and uses. Here are the primary uses of fiberglass body filler,

  1. Repairing Deep Damage: Fiberglass fillers are typically used to repair deeper damage on a vehicle. It's especially useful when you're dealing with large holes, dents, or rust-outs, thanks to the added strength from the embedded fiberglass strands.

  2. Providing Structural Strength: Fiberglass fillers are stronger and more durable than regular, lightweight fillers. They offer added structural support to the repaired areas, making them an ideal choice for parts of the car that require extra strength, such as the edges of body panels or around the wheel wells.

  3. Bridging Gaps: Due to their dense and fibrous composition, fiberglass fillers can effectively bridge and fill in cavities or holes that lighter fillers may not be able to handle.

  4. Sealing Against Moisture: Fiberglass body filler is more resistant to water than many other types of fillers. This makes it a great choice for sealing off repaired areas against moisture, thereby helping to prevent the onset of rust or corrosion.

  5. Smoothing Surfaces: Just like other fillers, once a fiberglass filler has been applied and has dried, it can be sanded smooth. This creates a seamless surface that's ready for painting or priming.

Remember, while fiberglass fillers are incredibly useful, they're typically not the final layer on a repair. After the fiberglass filler is applied and the deep damage is repaired, a layer of Bodysoft Body Filler is applied over the top to create a smooth, flawless surface for painting.